Workforce Stability Project Meeting

Workforce Stability Project Meeting

Wed, March 28, 2018 LA Metro Chamber of Commerce 11:30am – 1pm
Lunch included

The Workforce Stability Project is designed to be a collaboration between participating businesses, the LA Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Community Concepts and the cities of Lewiston and Auburn dedicated to improving workplace productivity, retention, advancement and financial stability for employees.

The Workforce Stability Project will help employees address non-work-related difficulties that interfere with their success and stability. As employees’ problems are addressed, there will be a subsequent improvement in their work performance. The Workforce Stability Project (under a different name) has been tested in Vermont and proven to:
✓ Reduce absenteeism
✓ Improve employee retention
✓ Increase productivity
✓ Improve safety in the workplace

Potential Results:

  • Employees can access resources, retain jobs and improve financial stability.
  • Employers can offer a low cost, highly valued employee benefit, change policies and practices and retain workers, saving turnover costs.
  • The community can realize a new, effective approach to reducing poverty and experience more stable employment and family incomes.

Attend the March 28th meeting!

Contact Christine Hufnagel at or 207-333-6440

Registration required and space is limited

No more than 2 people per organization please

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